About Us

We bring entrepreneurial zeal to the challenge of responsibly addressing climate change and carbon reduction at the state level — leveraging resources, telling the truth, and seeking better collaboration between government and the private sector.


System Design at Our Core

The Clean & Prosperous Institute (Formerly the Low Carbon Prosperity Institute) delivers technically accurate, long-term greenhouse gas reduction strategies to guide policy decisions. We explore the opportunities and complex risk factors associated with creating climate policy from the state level up. We share a belief in the power of business leadership, bipartisan problem solving, and data-driven public policy.

At the CPI, we use research and analysis to frame challenges and potential solution sets. We treat policy perspectives respectfully and in depth, thinking critically without adhering to binary frameworks. In so doing, we create the space for the discovery of better answers, and seed the ground for smarter political action.

The CPI approach is complemented by our Greenhouse Gas Reduction Explorer modeling tool, which is considered the “Gold Standard” for evaluating legislation to place a state-based price on carbon or establish a limit on emissions. Learn more about the tool here.

The CPI publishes articles and reports, participates in the formation of policy, and hosts discussion events across the state. We are frequently consulted on the following subject matters: energy waste reduction and technology adoption; carbon-free energy resources, deploying energy efficiency, and encouraging low-carbon fuel switching; congestion relief and carbon reduction through the electrification of transportation and adoption of Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES) vehicles; the sequestration potential and revival of rural economies; capturing the value of our carbon competitive manufacturing sector; and innovation, entrepreneurship, and the CleanTech opportunity.