Washington State

Cap & Invest Declaration

Washington Businesses Support a Cap & Invest Program to Address Climate Change and Advance Economic Growth

Washington State has achieved some notable progress in addressing climate change and ushering in a clean energy economy, and yet carbon emissions in the state are still growing. 

Our coalition supports a Cap & Invest program tailored to the needs of Washington state because it would:

  • Achieve legislatively targeted greenhouse gas emissions at an optimized value and cost while creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. 
  • Provide businesses with market flexibility and regulatory certainty to facilitate planning and efficient compliance.
  • Catalyze innovation and private investment by establishing a robust statewide carbon market capable of linking with national and international markets.
  • Improve the productivity of Washington’s economy by ridding our state of costly waste that results from our status quo energy inefficiency.
  • Harmonize with our existing laws, rules and programs, such as the Washington Clean Energy Transformation Act (2019).  
  • Invest and leverage private financing for activities that reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.
  • Invest in rural and highly impacted communities to stimulate local economies while improving environmental health for all.  


We are confident that with broad support of the business and NGO communities, we will  achieve a low carbon future of shared prosperity for Washington