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Carbon Reduction Investments

Webinar: 100% Clean Power: What it Means for Business

This webinar covers the emerging details of the House and Senate 100% greenhouse gas free power policies, and presents findings from our own modeling of the anticipated carbon reduction and cost impacts from these policies taking effect. Important distinctions between different utilities are explored. We also reviewed a recently introduced proposal to link with other states in establishing an economy wide GHG Cap.

Visualizing cost-managed approaches to reducing WA emissions

To date, there is no Washington Specific MAC Curve that provides more than a cursory glance at carbon reduction measures specific to our state. The Clean & Prosperous Institute (CaPI) has decided that the time has come to undertake a more comprehensive, statewide look at MAC opportunities in our state. CaPI is actively looking for partners and funders to carry this project through to a robust tool for policymakers and businesses.

CaPI Event: The Future of Climate Policy After I-1631

Wed, November 28, 2018, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM PST | Mercer Island Community & Event Center

Purpose: Inform community about views of electorate, Resolve post-election tensions & align towards cooperative success, Invite engagement in achieving desired outcomes, Set framework for 2019 legislature

Volcanoes, Forests, and Farms: A Carbon Policy That Works for Washington—and Puts All of Washington to Work

We absolutely must sequester carbon on a large scale, and this technology is one of several with the potential to implement Plan B — carbon negativity. Washington is possibly the best region in the world do to so economically. The combination of Washington’s biomass-producing industries and unique geologic formations make us uniquely well suited to the task.