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Answer:  GOOD CALL, HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN We’re learning COVID-19 is far from “just a flu.” If you’re done hearing about its seriousness, read on; if you want a quick summary, read this footnote.[1] Our greatest risk is overwhelming our already heavily-loaded health...

Poll: Washington Voters Support Aligned Action on Transportation and Climate

Washingtonians overwhelmingly see climate change as real, urgent, and requiring strong, comprehensive action. According to new poll results, more than three-quarters of voters believe we cannot rely on Washington, DC to solve climate change, and nearly 70% of voters...

Press Release: Supreme Court Sets the Stage for Legislative Action on System-Wide Carbon Reductions

Legislature expected to continue progress on comprehensive Cap & Invest bill.
Seattle, WA – January 16, 2020 – Today’s Supreme Court ruling restricting the Department of Ecology’s authority to cap greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) creates a patchwork of regulations that are at odds with effective carbon reduction policy. The legislature can advance a comprehensive solution, covering the full economy to achieve our increasing needs for carbon reduction with fairness and economic efficiency.

2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum

2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum December 12, 2019The 2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum brought together over 100 participants to build momentum and collaboration in achieving carbon reduction goals in the state. Eight presenters, each well versed in...

BioSequestration Policy Pathways

BioSequestration Policy Pathways
A policy research and evaluation effort led by:
The Clean & Prosperous Institute

Our Operating Framework
Climate change is real, caused mostly by combusting fossil fuels
It’s a crisis –
Risk to our health, way of life, and economy
IPCC: we only have 10 years to cut net emissions in half.
The severity of the crisis depends on the net of:
+ Ongoing GHGs emissions
– Atmospheric GHGs absorbed and stored on the planet (“sequestration”)
Bio-sequestration can
play a major role in meeting our net reductions
~30% of gross emissions are being offset by naturally occurring biosequestration
Create a stable and growing financial boon for Rural America – “farming carbon”