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2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum

December 12, 2019

The 2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum brought together over 100 participants to build momentum and collaboration in achieving carbon reduction goals in the state.

  • Eight presenters, each well versed in goals, strategies and major pathways provided mini-briefings: Eileen Quigley, Clean Energy Transition Institute; Mo McBroom, TNC; Kevin Tempest, Clean & Prosperous Institute; Tim Zenk, Molecule; Ken Dragoon, Renewable Hydrogen Alliance; Wolf Lichtenstein, Evergreen Carbon; Kelly Hall, Climate Solutions; Tom Wolf, BP America. Audience comments noted how understandable the presenters made the material.
  • Three state elected officials, Senator Reuven Carlyle (D-Seattle), Representative Richard DeBolt (R-Chehalis), and Commissioner of Public Lands Hillary Franz, provided widely varying perspectives, reminding us that “all politics is local.” Their thoughtful comments provoked dozens of audience reactions, and lively discussions afterwards.

We are personally grateful to the community that made this happen — our sponsors, our fabulous presenters, our staff and volunteers at Clean & Prosperous Institute, and to you, the audience. We can feel the momentum building as we enter the new decade.


Issue Briefings

Pathways to Clean Energy
Eileen Quigley, Executive Director, Clean Energy Transition Institute


Update to State GHG Limits
Mo McBroom, Director of Government Relations, Nature Conservancy


Cap and Invest: Lessons from California & East Coast TCI
Kevin Tempest, Research & Data Scientist, Clean & Prosperous Institute


New Innovations in Liquid Fuels
Tim Zenk, Principal, Molecule


Prospects for Renewable Hydrogen
Ken Dragoon, Executive Director, Renewable Hydrogen Alliance


Opportunities in Rural Washington
Wolf Lichtenstein, Principal, Evergreen Carbon


Clean Fuel Standard Policy and Update
Kelly Hall, Interim Washington Director, Climate Solutions


Closing Remarks
David Giuliani, Chief Engineer, Clean & Prosperous Institute



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