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The Role of Forestry Offsets in Washington’s Carbon Reduction Efforts

March 16, 2022

Yesterday we learned quite a bit about the role that forestry offsets can play in reducing carbon here in the Evergreen State, thanks to our webinar panelists Cody Desautel (Natural Resource Director for the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation), Kurt Krapfl (Director of Forestry, the American Carbon Registry), and Eric Downing (Vice President of Voluntary Projects, Finite Carbon).

Attendance was strong, with representatives from tribes, non-profits, state government, and private businesses.

Offsets are the subject of much discussion and many questions:

  • How do they work? How should they work?
  • How effective are they? What is the process for verification?
  • How is carbon uptake of forests counted?
  • How is fire management handled in the carbon offset programs?
  • How are forestry offsets working now in Washington state?
  • What can we learn from offsets elsewhere? 


These questions are addressed in the webinar. And for a deeper dive into the topic, we recommended these additional resources. (Please share with us any others that you think are especially useful.) 

Cody Desautel, Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
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