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Webinar recording: Navigating the Inflation Reduction Act

October 21, 2022

Earlier this week we hosted the webinar “Navigating the Inflation Reduction Act”. Featured speakers were Washington State Senator Christine Rolfes, Fortescue Future Industries  Vice President Hilary Moffett, and Sam Ricketts from Evergreen Action.

“Good and quick-paced.”

“The high quality of the speakers. And the questions!”

“Potentially transformative capacity of alignment and collaboration between Washington state and federal efforts.”

Those are just a few of the comments we heard from webinar attendees.

What did the speakers have to say?

“Thanks to the work we’ve all been doing at the state level we are in a great place to compete for and take advantage of the federal funds related to new energy fuels and technologies. And I think the future is exciting for all of us.” – Washington State Senator Christine Rolfes

Senator Rolfes also mentioned building out community infrastructure for electric vehicle charging, and investing in electrification of heavy duty trucks.

“[The Inflation Reduction Act] makes it significantly easier for companies like Fortescue to invest in the U.S. We are seeing all kinds of interest from our headquarters in Australia saying actually, instead of building a project in that country, let’s redirect those resources to the U.S. So it really is having an effect to say bring the money here, bring the technology here, bring the development here. And then of course, we can look at what are the needs domestically and what are the opportunities for export? And that’s going to be a really important part of the green energy transition. It’s creating America as the green energy superpower. It’s a really exciting idea. And because of the IRA, it’s very close within reach.” – Hilary Moffett, Vice President of Fortescue Future Industries

Moffett also spoke about opportunities from tax credits and “game-changer” direct-pay incentives.

“These transformative investments, they don’t just invest in technologies and strategies to reduce climate pollution. They also target investments and strategies in things that will drive environmental justice forward. 

Our low cost energy, our advanced manufacturers, our intellectual capabilities, our innovators in the Pacific Northwest are already on the leading edge of being able to receive these dollars.” – Sam Ricketts, Co-Founder of Evergreen Action

Ricketts also previewed the next day’s headline, sharing the breaking news that Group14 and Sila Nanotechnologies each were awarded $100 million to expand EV battery manufacturing in Moses Lake, WA. The grants are among the first projects authorized by the bipartisan infrastructure law.

“Achieving President Biden’s ambitious decarbonization goals all comes down to resilient battery supply chains anchored on U.S. soil,” Rick Luebbe, CEO and co-founder of Group14, said in a statement. “With our growing footprint in the Pacific Northwest, we’re answering the call for ‘all-American’ batteries.”

Watch the full, fast-paced webinar:

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