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Study Mission 3.0: Quebec

May 23-26, 2023

Leaders are learners. As we look to learn about smart climate action, we’ve taken two study missions to California and now we’re expanding our horizons and traveling to Québec.

Why Québec?

Québec and Washington have similar economies and similar ambitions. Both are strong in research and technology, aeronautics, hydroelectricity, agriculture, fishing, mining, pharmaceuticals, aluminum, wood, and paper. They produce more maple syrup while we lead in apples. 

Like Washington state, Québec is a clean economy leader, setting the pace for
their country.

Québec introduced its cap-and-trade system ten years ago. Washington’s cap-and-invest system commences this year and is designed to potentially link with the programs in Québec and California, meaning that businesses in one jurisdiction can use emission allowances issued by the others for compliance. This increases the number of businesses under the cap, which reduces compliance costs by creating more options for companies to reduce their emissions.

Take a peek at our itinerary and join us for our third study mission and first to an international destination.



  • Travel day to Québec City: see registration page for a discount airfare code
  • Stay overnight in the heart of Old Québec City


  • Opening Remarks by Benoit Charette, Québec’s Minister of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks

Benoit Charette has what may be the best job title in government, Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change. And he and others from the Ministry of Environment will brief us on Québec’s Plan for a Green Economy, lessons for Washington state based on Québec’s decade of cap-and-invest experience.

  • Presentations from the Ministry of the Environment on Québec’s Plan for a Green Economy and Québec’s Carbon Market
  • Presentation by Québec’s Climate Change Emissary on Subnational Climate Action and Biodiversity Conservation, Jean Lemire
  • Enjoy an extended lunchtime walking tour of Québec City
  • Tour Alstom’s Coradia iLint
    hydrogen passenger train

We will tour the iLink, North America’s first hydrogen-powered train, just weeks before it begins a summer of service along the Saint Lawrence waterway.

  • Reception with Québec’s Minister of International Relations and
    La Francophonie
  • Overnight in Québec City


  • Travel to Montréal
  • Visit ExpoCAM Trucking Exhibit in Saint Hyacinthe to see state-of-the-art zero emissions medium and heavy-duty vehicles

On our way to Montreal, we will visit ExpoCam, a tradeshow for the Canadian trucking industry, and get up-close to Kenworth’s T680e class 8 truck, and even enjoy a ride and drive from Volvo!

  • Clean Energy session with Hydro Québec and Québec Association for the Production of Renewable Energy (AQPER)
  • Transportation Decarbonization session with Propulsion Québec and Dunsky
  • Overnight in Montréal


  • Site visits to clean energy companies. Potential sites include:
    • Lithion Recycling
    • Sustainable Aviation Fuels Consortium
    • Center of Excellence in Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage.

We will tour Hydro-Québec’s internationally renowned research institute, the Center of Excellence, and learn how they are working to revolutionize the world of battery materials by teaming up with major industry players from around the world.

  • Conference ends by 4pm



How Quebec has implemented its cap and invest policy

  • Plan for a Green Economy 2030
  • Green Hydrogen and Bioenergy Energy Strategy
  • Biodiversity Plan
  • Linkage to California’s carbon auctions

How Quebec uses hydropower resources to drive decarbonization.

  • Hear from Hydro-Quebec executives on energy production and markets for green electricity.
  • Renewable energy development in Quebec.
  • Green hydrogen production using hydropower.

About Zero Emission big rigs and hydrogen-powered locomotives

  • Get up-close to Kenworth’s T680e class 8 truck and others from Volvo and Daimler.
  • Visit ABB to learn about charging infrastructure needs for MHD Vehicles
  • Learn how Quebec will be the first American site for a hydrogen-powered passenger train.

How Quebec has invested in its clean energy economy

  • Electric and hydrogen vehicles production
  • Battery recycling
  • Port decarbonization


The registration confirmation page will provide you with an Air Canada discount code that can be used if you book your flight directly on 

 Tuesday, May 23:

  • Flight AC 514 from Seattle (SEA) to Montréal (YUL); 1 hour, 10 minute layover;
  • Flight AC 1966 from Montréal (YUL) to Québec (YQB)

Friday, May 26:

  • Flight AC 515 from Montréal (YUL) to Seattle (SEA) (nonstop flight)

Featured Participants

Senator Matt Boehnke

Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee and Senate Ways & Means Committee

Benoit Charette

Minister of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks

Representative Jake Fey

House Transportation Committee Chair

Patty Kinswa-Gaiser

Cowlitz Indian Tribe Chairwoman

Jean Lemire

Envoy for Climate Change, Northern and Arctic Affairs

Senator Joe Nguyen

Senate Energy, Environment & Technology Committee Chair 

Kristine Reeves

House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Vice Chair (Invited)

Senator Jesse Salomon (D-32)

Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee Vice-Chair

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