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If you watched the Super Bowl, you learned some things about Canada and all the things they’ve given us, courtesy of this Crown Royal ad, featuring Dave Grohl, of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame:

Did Canadians really invent American football? Peanut butter? Batteries?

Who knew?!

We can learn so much from Canada. Not only about inventions, but also about clean energy and transportation. Because Québec implemented a cap-and-trade system ten years ago, and because Washington may decide to link our new allowance trading market with Québec’s, we believe it makes good sense to learn as much as we can from our neighbors to the North, about their experiences with carbon trading and some exciting clean tech innovations. And we’ll sample some poutine. 

Join us in May for our study mission to Québec City and Montréal (the birthplace of American football).

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