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Over 1,000 Projects Potentially at Risk If Cap-and-Invest Ends


Seattle, WA [May 30, 2024] – Clean & Prosperous Institute unveiled its latest initiative: The Risk of Repeal mapping tool, an online resource to track the more than 1,000 projects already funded by the Climate Commitment Act.

Signed just three years ago this month and beginning implementation just seventeen months ago, the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) is still in its infancy and faces many challenges that could significantly weaken or fully repeal it. With this new tool, Clean & Prosperous Institute is shining a spotlight on the investments that CCA dollars are making into communities spanning every county in the state, with nearly $7.31B in longer-term projects at high risk of being scaled back or lost altogether, should the CCA be repealed.

Projects at risk of repeal range from forest health initiatives and salmon recovery projects to transportation improvements and new ferry construction. The interactive map and downloadable database plots over $1.1 billion in community investments, representing 60 percent of revenues generated to date from CCA auctions.  Another $2 billion of authorized programs are still in the process of being distributed to Washington residents and businesses.  The Risk of Repeal Mapping Tool will continue to track these as funding flows to communities.

“Projects large and small dot the landscape, from forest and fish protection projects in Aberdeen to dairy farms in Pullman,” said Kevin Tempest, the Institute’s Research Director. “From electric passenger ferry construction for Anacortes to electric vehicle chargers in Washtucna, the Climate Commitment Act is revitalizing infrastructure and creating new job opportunities for all Washingtonians, both east and west.”

“Investments are flowing to communities in every county across the state,” continued Tempest.  “They are lowering the cost of clean energy, improving the health of forests and providing an economic engine to power our communities towards a clean energy future.”

The Risk of Repeal map tool offers transparency and clarity, allowing users to explore where Climate Commitment Act revenues are being invested while identifying projects and programs at risk of losing funding. It categorizes projects based on risk levels, from high-risk investments directly funded by the Climate Commitment Act to minimal-risk initiatives nearing completion. By providing relevant information and key context, the tool empowers stakeholders to understand the current scope of investments and potential risk of repeal.

“Our goal is to ensure that these investments are visible,” said Tempest. “The Risk of Repeal mapping tool is a vital resource to provide transparency and detail about how investments are already putting shovels in the ground to deliver benefits to communities in every county across the state.”

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